To Bushrangers H3!  "The Drinking Club with a Running Problem"
If you are interested in getting a bit of exercise, love a bit of a chat and a laugh, like to sip on a cool beverage and enjoy some great food, then come on down down!!
Bushrangers Hash House Harriers is part of a worldwide mixed social running/walking group.   We meet every Monday evening rain, hail or shine at 6.30pm at a pre determined destination somewhere in the Hills District of Sydney.   The harriers and harriettes then  follow a trail set by the Hare at their own pace - from slow walkers to the ultra fit (well, so they think) FRB's - front running barstards!  Exercise over and it's on on to a cold drink and a meal.
Regular members and Visitors welcome!

The cost of the weekly run is $6 which covers the run and all the beer
you can drink on a Monday night before fronting up to work again on Tuesday.  The first run is free.  You will also have to pay for your meal which will be at a restaurant, pub or catered for by the Hare.

Run 1523 - Monday 3 July 2017 - be there early for a 6:30pm start
Bugger Does Pumulwuy (Pem all way)
Park in the Woolworths car park at 70 Butu Wargun Drive, Pemulwuy NSW 2145

Run 1524 - Monday 10 July 2017 - be there early for a 6:30pm start
Slowcump's Seafood Spectaular
Aces Seafood, Ermington shopping centre. Victoria Road, then turn down
Spurway Street, Ermington.  Park near Aces Seafood.